Foreign Minister Steinmeier welcomes resumption of Transdniestria talks

02.06.2016 - Press release

Foreign Minister Frank‑Walter Steinmeier, speaking in his capacity as OSCE Chairperson‑in Office, today (2 June) welcomed the resumption of the Transdniestria negotiations in the Villa Borsig on 2‑3 June. He issued the following statement from the sidelines of his Latin American trip:

“We have decided to make unresolved conflicts in the OSCE area a priority of our German Chairmanship year – Transdniestria is a key example. The fact that the official 5+2 talks on a settlement to the Transdniestria conflict were resumed today after a hiatus of over two years is therefore an important milestone.

Our efforts are focusing on an attempt to develop a shared vision for the status of Transdniestria – within the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Republic of Moldova. Only when the sides agree on solutions to practical matters can confidence be rebuilt and traction gained by a positive dynamic leading to the settlement of the conflict. Both sides are called upon to further pursue this goal with resolve.

It is good news that all parties have now expressed their willingness to continue the talks. They have thereby reaffirmed their commitment to the 5+2 format as the agreed route towards a lasting and fair solution to the conflict.”

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