Coordinator of Transatlantic Cooperation commends debate on transatlantic relations

15.04.2016 - Press release

The German Bundestag held a debate on fundamentals of transatlantic relations today (15 April) on the basis of a motion put forward by the governing coalition parties – the CDU/CSU and SPD – on “Fitting transatlantic relations for the future”. The Coordinator of Transatlantic Cooperation, Jürgen Hardt, issued the following statement on the matter:

I very much welcome the fact that the Bundestag, in spite of the many current crises, has taken the important and necessary time to hold a debate on the fundamentals underpinning one of the cornerstones of our foreign and security policy: transatlantic relations. Proposed by the governing parties and adopted with an overwhelming majority, the motion on “Fitting transatlantic relations for the future” sends a clear and unequivocal message that underscores the significance of this unique partnership.

Particularly at a time when the world is seeing ever more instability and crumbling of state structures, with rising numbers of autocratic regimes and increasing restrictions on freedom of the press and of opinion, the Euro-Atlantic partnership has the key role to play in strengthening, consolidating and, where necessary, defending our social system of openness, pluralism and freedom.

The motion also shows the route we want to take to continue developing and fit for the future our important relations both with the United States and with Canada, which constitute a pillar of our foreign, security and economic policy. In connection with this, the motion also clearly advocates bringing the forward-looking partnerships for free trade and investment – TTIP between the EU and the United States and CETA between the EU and Canada – to a swift and successful conclusion as part of a new and modern international trade regime.

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