Federal Foreign Office Spokesperson on the tightening of sanctions against North Korea

02.03.2016 - Press release

A Federal Foreign Office spokesperson issued the following statement on 2 March regarding the UN resolution on North Korea:

The Federal Government welcomes the UN Security Council’s move to tighten sanctions against North Korea. In the wake of unacceptable provocations, a nuclear test and the launch of a missile deploying ballistic technology, these new punitive measures are a necessary and logical response that send an important signal to the regime in Pyongyang. With this unanimous decision, the international community is demonstrating that it is not prepared to stand idly by and accept this blatant infringement of numerous Security Council resolutions or the threat to regional security and world peace.

The Federal Government also welcomes the fact that China is adopting a clear position in this matter and that it is supporting these new sanctions. Only with a united approach by the international community will it be possible to persuade North Korea to fulfil its international obligations and to abandon its nuclear programme.

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