Foreign Minister Steinmeier on the situation in Syria

26.02.2016 - Press release

On 26 February, Foreign Minister Steinmeier commented as follows on the situation in Syria:

The negotiations in Munich are showing the first encouraging signs of bearing fruit: after a long time, we are finally seeing progress in the humanitarian sphere in Syria. During the last few days, it has already been possible to reach and get supplies to 120,000 people in besieged towns. We want the authorisations for aid deliveries to be issued more quickly and we want even more besieged towns and villages to be reached. Attempts must continue to enable aid air drops. Given the security situation, it is clear that this would have to be done from a great height and would therefore be more difficult to carry out. Germany is making a substantial contribution to these aid supplies.

Another important step we agreed on in Munich was a ceasefire. Today all key players and armed groups stated their readiness to observe this ceasefire. We hope that, as planned, it will enter into force tonight.

We are extremely concerned by reports that the Syrian regime has dropped barrel bombs on the town of Daraya. We urge the Syrian regime to stop attacks on the civilian population. All parties to the conflict are called upon to refrain from taking any steps which could jeopardise the ceasefire so shortly before it comes into effect.

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