Foreign Minister Steinmeier on North Korean rocket launch

07.02.2016 - Press release

On 7 February, Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, speaking also in his capacity as Chairperson‑in Office of the Organization for Security and Co operation in Europe (OSCE), issued the following statement on North Korea’s ballistic missile launch:

I condemn North Korea’s launch of a ballistic missile today in the strongest possible terms. The country has once again ignored the warnings of the international community. This rocket launch is an irresponsible provocation which flouts internationally binding UN Security Council resolutions and yet again puts regional security at risk.

This open challenge from North Korea to the international community must not go without tangible consequences. As it did following the previous nuclear weapon test on 6 January, Germany will seek a strong international response with UN Security Council involvement. The special session of the Security Council today is an important signal. We call on all partners to support resolute steps.

I urge North Korea once again to observe the relevant Security Council resolutions banning nuclear weapons tests and ballistic missile launches. These North Korean programmes need to be stopped.


Relevant UN Security Council resolutions (1695, 1718, 1874, 2087 and 2094) call for an end to the North Korean missile and nuclear programme and prohibit the country from using ballistic missile technology, either for civilian or military purposes. It does not matter whether North Korea really did intend to launch a satellite into space on this occasion, because the Security Council resolutions, particularly nos. 1718 and 1874, prohibit the country from carrying out any ballistic missile launches at all.

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