Foreign Minister Steinmeier on the meeting of the Syrian opposition in Riyadh

08.12.2015 - Press release

During his visit to Baghdad, Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier made the following comments to the German Press Agency (dpa) on the meeting of the Syrian opposition hosted by the Saudi Government in Riyadh:

The critical phase of implementing the agreements reached in Vienna is now beginning.

I welcome the fact that – as agreed in Vienna – the Saudi Government is bringing together a broad spectrum of representatives of the Syrian opposition in Riyadh during the next few days.

I hope that it will be possible in Riyadh for the Syrian opposition to agree on a common stance for the negotiations on a transitional government with the government in Damascus, even if that will require some difficult compromises.

We must not lose the momentum generated by the two conferences in Vienna in the efforts to end the civil war and violence. It is therefore important that we meet again in the near future in the Vienna format and take the next steps together with all stakeholders at the table.

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