Foreign Minister Steinmeier on the situation in Burundi

06.11.2015 - Press release

Foreign Minister Steinmeier issued the following statement in Berlin on 6 November on the situation in Burundi:

The reports from Burundi of recent days concern me greatly. Constantly escalating violence and hate‑filled public statements by responsible politicians in Bujumbura threaten to lead to a total destabilisation of the country. The situation brings to mind the very worst memories of terrible civil wars and massacres.

I condemn all violence, human rights abuses and all statements that only lead to further tensions, no matter which side they come from, and call on all actors to exercise restraint. They must expect the international community to hold them to account for their actions. I expect the President and Government in particular to do everything they can to achieve a peaceful resolution to this conflict. Only a dialogue that brings all interest groups to the negotiating table can offer a way out of the crisis. This requires the Government to steer well clear of every form of violence and inciting violence.

The Peace and Security Council of the African Union adopted clear resolutions on 17 October and called for strong measures by the African Union. With this in mind, I welcome the statement by Chairperson of the African Union Dr Dlamini-Zuma of 4 November that once again underscores the AU’s commitment. The resolutions that we adopted together in the EU support this. I call on the United Nations Security Council to act with all due speed now.

Together with our partners in the African Union, the EU and the United Nations, we will continue to work with great urgency to achieve a peaceful solution to the political conflict in Burundi.

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