Foreign Minister Steinmeier on the adoption of a new constitution in Nepal

21.09.2015 - Press release

Foreign Minister Steinmeier issued the following statement on 21 September in response to a new constitution being adopted in Nepal:

I welcome the Nepal Constituent Assembly’s adoption of the new constitution. This is a significant step on the way to reconciliation and increased democracy. Nepal is embarking on a new chapter in its history; it is now a country built on democracy. It has laid the foundations of due process and democracy on which to build a positive economic and political future. This is also an important signal for the people whose country was devastated by a catastrophic earthquake a few months ago.

We are glad that Germany was able to advise the Nepalese Government during the process of shaping its constitution. Germany is and will remain a partner to Nepal. We will continue to support the country in its economic development. I hope that the violent unrest which flared up especially in the Terai in recent weeks can be laid to rest by dialogue between the demonstrators and the Government and that the inclusion of all parts of the population can be taken forward.

We expect the Nepalese Government will channel all its efforts into speeding up the reconstruction of public institutions and residential buildings which were destroyed by the earthquake. In total, more than 90 million euros in public money and private donations have so far been sent from Germany to fund reconstruction. On this front too, Nepal can rely on our ongoing support.

Background information:

After a difficult process which took seven years, Nepalese President Ram Baran Yadav announced the adoption of a new Nepalese constitution today. In 308 articles, the constitution stipulates how the state is structured, its federal organisation and its secular nature as well as arranging matters of citizenship, fundamental rights and jurisdiction. Germany assisted the drafting process by providing internationally recognised independent experts.

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