Foreign Minister Steinmeier to travel to Turkey on 18 September

18.09.2015 - Press release

Foreign Minister Steinmeier travels to Turkey on 18 September. He plans to hold talks with the Turkish Government and with political leaders, and to meet refugees. This will be the Foreign Minister’s fourth trip to Turkey during his current term of office.

Foreign Minister Steinmeier yesterday (17 September) issued the following statement in Berlin on the eve of his visit to Turkey:

Turkey is a key country with regard to managing the massive refugee crisis and with regard to our political efforts to bring the horrendous civil war in Syria to an end.

Germany and Europe are already working closely with Ankara. But we would like to, and indeed must cooperate with Turkey yet more on these questions in a spirit of partnership, not just some time soon, but right now, even though the forthcoming elections naturally mean that the political situation within Turkey is not straightforward.

I am therefore travelling to Ankara to hold talks with political leaders there and to find out what additional support Germany could provide.

Only together can we succeed in finding sensible, humane and truly workable solutions to the major challenges we face today.

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