Foreign Minister Steinmeier at the final press conference after E3+3 nuclear talks in Vienna

14.07.2015 - Press release

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Foreign Minister Steinmeier said today (14 July) at the final press conference after E3+3 nuclear talks in Vienna:

“Today is a good day, maybe even a historic day for everyone who wants to see this dispute settled peacefully. It’s also a great moment for me personally. It is historic because we have shown that major international conflicts, can be resolved through dialogue and perseverance. And that this is also possible where mistrust and even open hostility initially appeared to be insurmountable.

Today, we have agreed with Tehran on a comprehensive deal to limit Iran’s nuclear programme. After more than a decade, we can settle a dispute which has brought the world to the edge of a military confrontation.

In more than 100 pages, we have spelled out in great detail what we already agreed in principle in Lausanne back in April, watertight and without loopholes:

  • More than two thirds of the centrifuges will be mothballed and monitored by the IAEA. 95% of the enriched uranium will be sent out of the country or destroyed, with Iran’s stockpile strictly limited for 15 years (a maximum of 300 kg).

  • Everything agreed upon will be closely monitored. We have reached agreement on a robust mechanism which guarantees that the IAEA has access wherever it requires. And this will apply for up to 25 years, even beyond the IAEA’s standard rules.

  • Should Iran breach the agreed rules, sanctions could be immediately re-imposed – without a new resolution from the Security Council.

With this deal, any attempt by Iran to develop nuclear weapons will be reliably and verifiably ruled out for the foreseeable future.

I can say with complete confidence that this agreement will give the world, the region and, in particular, Iran’s neighbours, more security.

I am under no illusion that all of the problems relating to Iran will be resolved as a result of this agreement. Nor can it be ruled out that those opposed to a deal will now attempt to sabotage its implementation.

However, I am convinced that today’s agreement will strengthen the hand of those in Iran who support peaceful relations with its neighbours because they know that people in Iran expect more than the old rhetoric of war and conflict.

My hope is that this agreement will be more than just the settlement of the Iranian nuclear dispute, more than a milestone for nuclear disarmament. It could also be a first, a major step towards a more peaceful Middle East.”

Joint Statement by EU high Representative Federica Mogherini and Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif

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