Foreign Minister Steinmeier on the signing of a peace agreement between the parties to the conflict in Libya

12.07.2015 - Press release

Foreign Minister Steinmeier issued the following statement in Vienna today (12 July) on the signing of a peace agreement between the parties to the conflict in Libya:

“It is good news that a large majority of delegates signed a peace agreement for Libya in Skhirat/Morocco last night. This is an important step forward which reflects the wishes of a broad majority of the Libyan people.

I would like to thank United Nations Special Representative Bernardino León for his tireless work during the negotiations on the agreement.

Those delegates who did not sign the agreement today should be allowed to do so as soon as possible. Whoever prevents them from travelling to Skhirat or from signing the agreement will bear the responsibility when this conflict claims further victims, the humanitarian emergency worsens and terrorist groups, who are also destabilising neighbouring states, increasingly take root in the country.

At a conference held in Berlin on 10 June 2015, Libyan delegates met with representatives of the permanent members of the Security Council and other states. All participants in the conference were constructive and displayed an awareness of the problems. I call on all parties to the conflict, in particular on the delegates who are not present in Skhirat at the moment, to adhere to this position in the best interest of their country.

It is now important to quickly install a government of national unity in order to finally take the necessary steps towards stabilising Libya.”

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