Foreign Minister Steinmeier on the terrorist attacks in Tunisia, France and Kuwait

27.06.2015 - Press release

Foreign Minister Steinmeier issued the following statement in Berlin on 27 June on the terrorist attacks in Tunisia, France and Kuwait:

Yesterday began like any other day for people in three different places around the world and ended in grief. Terrorist attacks against innocent people in France, Tunisia and Kuwait confirmed once more the bitter knowledge that terrorists spare no‑one and that the fear and horror of terrorism can and indeed do affect any one of us.

That leaves us grieving and angry at the same time. Grieving because lives have been wiped out so suddenly. Angry because extremists set out to destroy our peaceful coexistence and to spread hatred.

Sadly, we now know that at least one German was killed and another was injured during the attack in Sousse. Although we have managed to establish the whereabouts of many people who were missing, at this point we cannot entirely rule out the possibility that there may be other Germans among the victims. The Federal Foreign Office is working hard with the security authorities in Tunisia and our own Interior Ministry to quickly establish what happened to the other persons who are unaccounted for.

Our thoughts and sympathy are with the victims’ families at this difficult time. I conveyed this message in a telephone call with my British counterpart Philip Hammond, for many of the victims were from the UK.

The Islamists killed people in yesterday’s terrorist attack against holidaymakers in Sousse, but not only that. They also targeted the heart of the Tunisian economy, namely tourism. The Tunisian Government has therefore announced new measures today to tackle extremist groups. Attempts to deflect Tunisia from its courageous path by instigating attacks such as those in Sousse or in the Bardo Museum will not, and must not be allowed to, succeed. Tunisia has our full support In the fight against terrorism, also for its efforts to secure its economic and democratic future.

This cowardly attack is aimed at every form of humanity and it strengthens our resolve to never abandon our convictions and values, and never to be intimidated by terrorism. We stand together and will not let anyone drive us apart.

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