Foreign Minister Steinmeier on Germany’s continued participation in the EU mission Atalanta

21.05.2015 - Press release

Foreign Minister Steinmeier issued the following statement in Berlin on 21 May on the decision that German armed forces are to continue to be involved in the EU mission Atalanta in the Horn of Africa:

I am delighted that the German Bundestag has voted by a large majority to continue Germany’s participation in Operation Atalanta.

Atalanta is a success story. Thanks to this European mission, no more ships have fallen into the hands of pirates in the Horn of Africa in the last three years.

Also in Somalia, there are finally first signs that the situation is stabilising, even though the country still has a long and difficult path ahead and the dangers posed by Islamist terror have not yet passed. Germany and the international community are doing their utmost to support work to rebuild fundamental political structures and achieve social reconciliation and economic development in the country.

The international involvement in Somalia demonstrates what can be achieved when we work together and closely coordinate our efforts.

Background information:

On 21 May, the German Bundestag approved a decision by the Cabinet that German armed forces will continue to participate in the EU mission Atalanta in the Horn of Africa. The mission was launched in 2008 and aims to protect international commercial shipping in the Horn of Africa and fight piracy. Some 179 ships of the World Food Programme (WFP) carrying deliveries of humanitarian aid for the Somali population have been safely guided to Mogadishu since the mission began.

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