“A reliable partner to Europe and a friend to Germany” ‑ Foreign Minister Steinmeier on Hillary Clinton’s decision to stand in the US presidential elections

13.04.2015 - Interview

Published in the Bild newspaper on 13 April 2015.

Published in the Bild newspaper on 13 April 2015


Hillary Clinton has thrown her hat into the ring in the US election campaign, and the race for the presidency is gathering pace. Who becomes President of the United States is of course a decision that lies with the American people ‑ but their choice is highly significant for us all.

Everywhere you look, we are facing crises, wars and conflicts. More and more countries, including several in our own neighbourhood, are needing to defend themselves against terrorists. We too are threatened by terrorism. At the same time, more and more countries across the globe are emerging as powerful players wanting to have a say in how the world of tomorrow is run.

These turbulent times make it all the more important to have a partner heading the United States who won’t be swept along by whipped‑up ideological tensions.

Few other people can match Hillary Clinton’s mastery of the political craft. Foreign policy is an especially good example. Hillary Clinton has served as Secretary of State and proved herself not only a reliable partner to Europe and friend to Germany but also a sensitive operator in the crises facing the world, from Afghanistan to the Middle East. She knows Europe and understands the way we think. It was back when I was Foreign Minister the first time round that I got to know Hillary Clinton and to value her as not only an intelligent conversation partner but also a politician who is good at listening.

As German Foreign Minister and as her colleague, I congratulate Hillary Clinton on her decision to run for America, and I wish her every success.

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