Federal Foreign Office Spokesperson on formation of government in Bosnia and Herzegovina

01.04.2015 - Press release

On 1 April 2015, a Federal Foreign Office Spokesperson issued the following statement in Berlin in connection with the successful government formation in Bosnia and Herzegovina:

We welcome the fact that the process of government formation in Bosnia and Herzegovina following the elections in October 2014 was completed yesterday. Bosnia and Herzegovina faces urgent challenges. We now expect the new governments at all levels to restart the reform process and to take determined steps to tackle the country's economic and social problems in particular.

The new governments have an important role to play in drafting and implementing the primarily socio-economic reform agenda, to which the country committed itself in February. This difficult project can only succeed if all political parties and ethnic groups work together constructively and with a willingness to compromise, keeping the interests of the country and its citizens in mind. This will also form the basis for further progress in the country's efforts to move closer to the European Union. Together with our partners in the EU, we will continue to support Bosnia and Herzegovina in its reform process on the path towards Europe.

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