Foreign Minister Steinmeier on the working group meeting of the Counter ISIL Coalition at the Federal Foreign Office

18.03.2015 - Press release

Foreign Minister Steinmeier issued the following statement on 18 March ahead of the first meeting of the working group for Stabilisation of the Counter ISIL Coalition at the Federal Foreign Office:

The fact that the myth of ISIL invincibility has been disproven in Kobani and northern Iraq during the last few months is vitally important. Notwithstanding that, although the use of military force is necessary, military means alone will not be enough to overcome the ISIL phenomenon on a durable basis.

In order to ensure lasting stability, it is vital that the trust and support of people living in the areas regained from ISIL be won back. This means restoring public safety, as well as the water supply, hospitals and schools as quickly as possible. Along with our international partners, we are offering our support. Above all, everything must be done to ensure that old rifts among religious communities do not re‑emerge.

One result of our Review Process is that strategies on fostering stability in fragile states are to play an even more important role in our foreign policy toolbox in future. Germany has experience and competences in this field which are in demand worldwide and which we want to develop and contribute even more systematically.

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