Foreign Minister Steinmeier on his US trip

11.03.2015 - Press release

Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier is setting off today (11 March) on a three‑day trip to the US. Ahead of his departure he commented as follows:

Today, at a time of acute international crises, which seriously jeopardise the global order, close transatlantic coordination is more important than ever. That applies to issues relating to Iran’s nuclear programme, on which historic decisions are likely to be made in the coming weeks, to our joint fight against Islamist terrorism, and it applies most especially to our joint efforts to resolve the crisis in Ukraine, which poses a threat to Europe’s future, as well as to our relations with Russia.

We are strong when we maintain transatlantic ties, when Europe and the United States take joint action, and when Berlin and Washington act in concert. In these unsettled times of growing global disorder, we must have the greatest interest in this, on both sides of the Atlantic.

That is why I am travelling to Washington today for talks with the US Administration, particularly with John Kerry and Susan Rice, and to promote our stance on Capitol Hill.

Germany and the US: bilateral relations

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