Federal Foreign Office condemns terrorist attack in Libya

20.02.2015 - Press release

A Federal Foreign Office spokesperson issued the following statement in Berlin on 20 February on the bomb attack in the eastern Libyan town of al‑Qubbah:

The German Government condemns this murderous attack in the strongest possible terms. Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to the families of the victims and to the Libyan people. There can be no justification for this abhorrent act of terrorism.

To prevent terrorist groups in Libya from gaining ground, all political forces are called upon to participate in the peace talks in order to end the bloody conflict and reach agreement on a government of national unity. This will require support from neighbouring countries for the mediation efforts of UN special representative Bernardino León.

Background information:

According to security circles, the bomb attack killed at least 25 people. It was thus the deadliest terrorist attack since the beginning of the conflict in Libya. A group affiliated to the terrorist militia ISIS has claimed responsibility.

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