Federal Foreign Minister Steinmeier on the vigil held by Muslim organisations at the Brandenburg Gate

13.01.2015 - Press release

Federal Foreign Minister Steinmeier issued the following statement on 13 January on the fringes of the vigil at the Brandenburg Gate, which Muslims from organisations, civil society and politics urged people to support:

Today, thousands of German Muslims are sending a clear message: Terrorism – not in our name! A rally like this has never been held before.

Here Muslims are speaking out in no uncertain terms against murder and torture in the name of Islam.

There are no simple answers to the many crises in this world, but one thing is sure: We must all stand together to defend our liberties, our Basic Law, our peaceful co‑existence. We will not allow anyone to divide us.

If, as we are doing today, we take a joint stand against terrorism, extremism and intolerance, I am certain that we, that free society, will win this battle.

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