Steinmeier calls for courageous steps to deescalate the situation in Jerusalem

06.11.2014 - Press release

Foreign Minister Steinmeier issued the following statement in Berlin on 6 November on the latest attacks in Jerusalem and Bethlehem:

Within just a few weeks tensions in Jerusalem have further heightened. Yesterday’s murderous attacks in Jerusalem and near Bethlehem threaten to provoke renewed escalation.

Politicians on both sides must now demonstrate the courage through clear words and actions to work together to calm the situation and resolutely counter provocation from within their own ranks before the spiral of anger and retaliation takes on a life of its own.

Such words and actions include a clear commitment from all sides to the peaceful coexistence of peoples and religions in Jerusalem as well as coordinated measures, also involving the Jordanian Government, to deescalate the situation on the Haram al‑Sharif/Temple Mount. Prime Minister Netanyahu’s statement that the Israeli Government will not allow any change to the status quo on the Haram al‑Sharif/Temple Mount may be an important first step in this direction.

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