Foreign Minister Steinmeier on the ceasefire in the Middle East

27.08.2014 - Press release

Foreign Minister Steinmeier issued the following statement in Berlin today (27 August) on the Middle East ceasefire which took effect on Tuesday evening:

After many attempts an agreement on an open-ended ceasefire in Israel and Gaza now seems to have been reached. It is essential that this ceasefire finally proves to be stable, particularly for the many people who have been suffering for 50 days now as a result of the violence.

Now it is important that further negotiations on Gaza take place with Egyptian mediation. The goal is still a permanent ceasefire, which must also offer solutions to the untenable situation in Gaza and include the prospect of resuming the negotiations on a two‑state solution.

Together with our French and British partners we have submitted proposals to this end and are jointly examining options leading to a Security Council resolution.

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