Joint statement by the Foreign Ministers of France, the United Kingdom and Germany on the situation in Middle East

09.08.2014 - Press release

We are very concerned by the resumption of hostilities in the Gaza strip. We call upon all parties immediately to return to a cease-fire.
We fully support the ongoing efforts by Egypt to this end. All parties should take immediate practical steps to address the urgent humanitarian needs including to facilitate full humanitarian access.
We are ready to support the establishment of a sustainable ceasefire and have already made proposals to this end. We will work further with all our partners on this issue. To be sustainable, a ceasefire must envisage steps to address both Israeli security concerns and Palestinian requirements regarding the lifting of restrictions on Gaza.
The final objective must be to see a return to talks on a negotiated two-state solution, which remains the only way to resolve the conflict and end the human suffering it causes once and for all.

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