Foreign Minister Steinmeier on the situation in the Middle East

18.07.2014 - Press release

Foreign Minister Steinmeier issued the following statement in Mexico City today (18 July) on the situation in the Middle East:

It is lamentable that Hamas has ignored all the proposals for a ceasefire and that Israel’s ground offensive has led to a further escalation of the military conflict. This means that people on both sides still have to live in fear of daily attacks.

Israel has every right to defend its population from attacks. At the same time everything must be done to avoid further civilian casualties. Far too many innocent people have already lost their lives.

That is why Hamas and other radical forces in Gaza must immediately end their rocket attacks on Israel and stop using the civilian population as human shields to protect their arms depots and launching pads. The region’s Arab neighbours must continue to work towards a ceasefire. We are doing all we can to support this endeavour.

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