Foreign Minister Steinmeier launches the discussion series on “Review 2014 – A Fresh Look at German Foreign Policy”

03.07.2014 - Press release

“What is wrong with German foreign policy and what needs to be changed?” Those are the questions that Foreign Minister Steinmeier posed when he launched the project “Review 2014 – A Fresh Look at German Foreign Policy”. Following a debate with notable figures and experts from Germany and abroad on what they expect of the country, the project is now moving into its next phase: from July to October 2014, Foreign Minister Steinmeier and numerous members of the Federal Foreign Office will take part in public discussions across Germany on current and controversial foreign policy issues.

Federal Foreign Minister Steinmeier commented as follows:

Foreign policy starts with seeing the world through the eyes of others. For our own reality is never the only possible one. Our country, which is more interconnected with the world than almost any other, cannot be indifferent to what is going on around it.

That is why we want a public debate on the role Germany should play on the international stage. What are Germany’s interests? What price are we willing to pay? How much responsibility should we assume?

What foreign policy tools should we use more, and which should we use less? Foreign policy doesn’t only need politicians and diplomats – it also needs the support of the people of Germany.

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