Foreign Minister Steinmeier on the BBC country rating poll: Good news that Germany is so well regarded.

04.06.2014 - Press release

In the BBC’s annual poll rating the standing and influence of 24 countries, Germany has in 2014 once again come out top. Foreign Minister Steinmeier commented on this today (4 June) in Berlin as follows:

It is good news that Germany is so well regarded around the world. It is particularly gratifying that in all world regions Germany’s role is viewed as positive.

This testifies to the good reputation German artists, sportsmen and sportswomen as well as companies enjoy around the world. And it demonstrates what a powerful attraction Germany holds as an outward-looking, globally connected and economically strong society that cares about solidarity with the weak and vulnerable.

Our high standing is also an important foreign-policy resource which we must handle with due sensitivity. We have a responsibility to pursue a far-sighted foreign policy that further enhances the trust people place in our country. For our actions also in the foreign policy sphere can earn us high esteem only if we continue to be perceived internationally as a fair, honest and reliable partner.

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