Foreign Minister Steinmeier on the situation in Thailand

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20.05.2014 - Press release

In view of the imposition of martial law in Thailand, Foreign Minister Steinmeier called for compliance with democratic procedures and the rule of law.

Today (20 May) Federal Foreign Minister Frank‑Walter Steinmeier issued the following statement on the situation in Thailand:

We have noted with concern the imposition of martial law in Thailand. I appeal to all those responsible to resolve the domestic crisis in a peaceful way and to respect human rights.

What matters now is that all political forces commit themselves within the Thai constitution to democratic procedures and the rule of law – including free, fair and democratic elections.

Germany and the EU will continue to watch developments in Thailand very closely.

In view of the uncertain situation, persons intending to travel to Thailand should consult the Federal Foreign Office website for information on developments in the country. The Federal Foreign Office analyses the situation regularly and updates its travel and security advice accordingly.

Thailand: Travel and security advice (in German)

Today (20 May) the Thai army imposed martial law across the country. The armed forces have thus assumed operative responsibility for preserving law and order. Martial law grants the military far‑reaching special powers. It stays in force until revoked by royal decree. The civilian government under interim prime minister Niwatthamrong Bunsongphaisan will stay in office; the constitution has not been repealed. Public life in the capital Bangkok has been proceeding more or less normally up to now.

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