State Secretary Steinlein visits Jordan

16.05.2014 - Press release

On Saturday, 17 May 2014, State Secretary Stephan Steinlein will travel to Jordan for a visit lasting several days. He is visiting on the occasion of the “German weeks” taking place in Amman which provide visibility to the wide‑ranging and close cooperation between Germany and Jordan.

Re‑opening of the Desert Castle Mshatta

The zenith of the German weeks will be when, at a ceremony on Sunday, 18 May, State Secretary Steinlein will join His Royal Highness Prince El Hassan in re‑opening the Desert Castle Mshatta. Over the course of recent years the palace has been restored thanks to substantial financial support from Germany. Part of the Mshatta palace’s façade was given to Kaiser Wilhelm II as a present during a trip to the region at the beginning of the 20th century.

During his trip, State Secretary Steinlein will also meet Jordanian Foreign Minister Judeh for political talks which will address, amongst other things, the ongoing crisis in neighbouring country Syria and its consequences for Jordan.

Bilateral relations

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