Egyptian Ambassador summoned to the Federal Foreign Office

29.04.2014 - Press release

At the request of Foreign Minister Steinmeier, the Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt, his Excellency Mohamed Higazy, was summoned to the Federal Foreign Office today (29 April).

The Foreign Minister’s Personal Representative for the Arab World, Ambassador Volkmar Wenzel, delivered to Ambassador Higazy the Federal Government’s urgent appeal for the 683 death sentences handed down by an Egyptian court to members of the Muslim Brotherhood yesterday to be reversed by the relevant judicial authorities and for the persons in question to receive a trial which fulfils the basic requirements of the rule of law.

Information: statement by Foreign Minister Steinmeier on 28 April.

The hundreds of death sentences handed down today go against everything that we understand by the principles of the rule of law.
The Egyptian authorities are running the risk of further destabilising the country and cementing the division within politics and society in the run‑up to the presidential elections due to take place in May.
We will communicate the Federal Government’s clear expectation to the Egyptian Ambassador in a talk at the Federal Foreign Office that the sentences be reversed and the accused receive a fair trial.

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