EU US summit sends a clear signal for the transatlantic partnership

26.03.2014 - Press release

Philipp Mißfelder, Coordinator of Transatlantic Cooperation at the Federal Foreign Office, issued the following statement today (26 March) on the EU US summit:

Today’s summit sends a clear signal that the transatlantic partnership has found new strength. Both sides of the Atlantic want to reinvigorate their cooperation, especially on issues of crucial importance for the future, like the climate, energy, data protection and cyber security.

Through their close coordination during the last few weeks, the partners in the transatlantic alliance have sent a strong message that they stand as one vis à vis the steps taken by Russia.

It is important and right that both sides have clearly committed themselves to the planned Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). The USA and the EU are each other’s most important trading partners. A common free trade area will create new growth opportunities for the EU as a whole and for Germany as an export nation, especially for small and medium sized businesses.

The lifting of customs duties and other trade barriers would be a help to people in Germany and create new jobs. It is therefore right to be optimistic about the TTIP. However, we can only reach a comprehensive and ambitious agreement by bringing on the public on board. Both sides must be able to maintain and advance their standards of protection.


On Wednesday (26 March), US President Barack Obama, European Council President Herman Van Rompuy and EU Commission President José Manuel Barroso met in Brussels for an EU US summit to discuss transatlantic cooperation. It was President Obama’s first time visiting the European institutions. The last EU US summit took place in Washington in November 2011.

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