Minister of State Roth on the European Citizens’ Initiative “Right2Water”: We are daring to practise more direct democracy in Europe

19.03.2014 - Press release

For the first time a European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) has obtained the required one million signatures. The initiators of the “Right2Water” campaign have been propagating the right to water and sanitation for all EU citizens and have now collected sufficient signatures from supporters in Europe.

In connection with the European Commission’s Communication on the ECI, published today (19 March), Michael Roth, Minister of State for Europe, issued the following statement:

Committed Europeans can be pleased about the first successful European Citizens’ Initiative. We are daring to practise more direct democracy in Europe. And it’s worth the effort! The instrument of citizens’ initiatives sharpens awareness among Europeans through debates held all over Europe. We need even more of these in Europe.

The Europe of the citizens is not only a topic for grandiose political speeches. Democracy and citizen‑friendliness must be lived. We need committed citizens who help our sometimes hesitant politicians to get going.

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