Minister of State Roth welcomes the EU Commission’s proposal on safeguarding the rule of law in Europe

11.03.2014 - Press release

Today (11 March), in Strasbourg the European Union Commission issued a press statement on a “framework to safeguard the rule of law” in the European Union. Michael Roth, Minister of State at the Federal Foreign Office, issued the following statement in Berlin:

With the “framework to safeguard the rule of law” the EU Commission has put forward a promising proposal which aims to strengthen the foundation of our European values. This makes it clear that the European Union is not only a single internal market but above all a union of values and solidarity. This shared foundation is the essence of what Europe represents in the wider world. Moreover, the initiative makes an important contribution to social cohesion. Common, objective and binding standards help to ensure that our fundamental values are consistently and fully observed throughout the EU. We are going to support this important initiative and encourage the EU institutions to work intensively to take it forward.

Background information:

Today, the EU Commission issued a number of statements on the future of Justice and Home Affairs policy in the European Union. The press release on a “framework to safeguard the rule of law” picks up on a German initiative that has already received broad support in the German Bundestag. The EU Commission wants to cooperate closely with the Council of Europe in Strasbourg in questions of the rule of law. The Council on General Affairs will discuss the topic on 18 March.

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