Minister of State Böhmer represents the Federal Government at the inauguration of the President of Chile, Bachelet

07.03.2014 - Press release

The Minister of State at the Federal Foreign Office, Maria Böhmer, is flying to Chile for a three-day visit on Sunday 9 March.

On the request of the Federal Chancellor, the Minister of State is taking part in the inauguration ceremony for Chile’s new President, Michelle Bachelet, as Germany’s official representative on Tuesday, 11 March. Minister of State Böhmer will meet the president-elect on Wednesday for a bilateral discussion which will focus on the state of German-Chilean relations. She will also use the occasion to extend an invitation on behalf of the Federal Chancellor to Ms Bachelet to make an official visit to Germany in October.

Cooperation in the field of education constitutes a particular priority of the trip. Chile’s president-elect has announced that she will focus on reforms in the education sector during her second term in office. Minister of State Böhmer wants to offer to further intensify cooperation, above all within the field of the “dual system of vocational training”.

Bilateral relations

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