Commissioner for Human Rights Policy Strässer on the UN report on North Korea

18.02.2014 - Press release

Christoph Strässer, Federal Government Commissioner for Human Rights Policy, issued the following statement today (18 February) on the human rights situation in North Korea:

The UN commission of inquiry reports of unparalleled crimes committed by the the regime in North Korea. We did not just find out yesterday that the regime in Pyongyang has constructed a totalitarian state devoid of any freedom for its citizens.

However, the UN experts’ report has shone a spotlight on the inhuman character of this regime. The report shows that in North Korea people are systematically murdered, tortured, sexually abused and starved. It is clear that the cynicism with which those in power in Pyongyang torment their own population knows no bounds.

We will continue to work to make the regime give up its inhumane policy towards its own people


UN experts accused the regime in Pyongyang of committing crimes against humanity in the report that they presented in Geneva on Monday. Torture, denunciation and the punishment of relatives for the crimes of a family member were the order of the day in the country, they stated. The UN commission is calling for those responsible for the systematic human rights violations in North Korea to be prosecuted. In its March session, the UN Human Rights Council will have to decide whether to make a recommendation to the Security Council to address the situation in North Korea.

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