Foreign Minister Steinmeier: “I can only warn against the use of force.”

Foreign Minister Steinmeier

Foreign Minister Steinmeier, © AA

18.02.2014 - Press release

In view of the precarious situation in Kyiv, Foreign Minister Steinmeier made the following statement:

“In this heated situation everybody in Kyiv is called upon to refrain from provocation in any form. The last thing the country needs now is an escalation of violence.

Ukraine’s security forces have a particular responsibility to bring about the now urgent deescalation of the situation.

I can only warn against the use of force. Issuing ultimatums is not the right approach.

Those who bear responsibility for decisions leading to bloodshed in the centre of Kyiv or elsewhere in Ukraine must be aware that Europe will then have to reconsider its so far restrained policy with regard to sanctions against individuals.”

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