Foreign Minister Steinmeier on the current situation in Kyiv

Dramatische Lage in Kiew

Dramatische Lage in Kiew, © pictures alliance / dpa

18.02.2014 - Press release

Foreign Minister Steinmeier is shocked by the renewed escalation of violence in Kyiv and condemns all forms of violence.

Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier issued the following statement this evening (18 February) on the situation in Kyiv:

“We are in the midst of dramatic hours in Kyiv. The reports of a renewed escalation of violence are alarming. We are shocked by the fact that there have been deaths and injuries over the course of the day.

I condemn all forms of violence. Whoever may believe that resorting to violence in Ukraine could lead to a resolution to the current situation has misjudged it.

Over the course of the day there has been violence and counter-violence. It is up to the security forces however, to now ensure that the situation is de escalated and that violence is not resorted to again.

I want to emphasise that anyone who at this time is responsible for decisions which lead to further bloodshed, must also be aware that Europe will certainly reconsider the restraint it has shown in deciding whether to impose sanctions on individuals.”

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