Foreign Minister Steinmeier on the formation of a new government in Lebanon

15.02.2014 - Press release

Foreign Minister Steinmeier today (15 February) commented as follows on the formation of a government of national unity in Lebanon under the leadership of Prime Minister‑designate Tammam Salam:

After lengthy negotiations conducted under extremely difficult circumstances, Lebanon has succeeded in forming a government of national unity. No matter how long it may have taken, the fact that the political movements in the country have found the strength and public‑spiritedness to form a government, even though the refugee crisis and civil war in Syria are placing a heavy burden on Lebanon, is a ray of light in a region hard hit by war, terrorism and instability.

The political forces in the new government must now concentrate their efforts on ensuring national cohesion in Lebanon. I would like to thank Prime Minister Mikati for his work and also to recognise expressly his tremendous efforts to hold Lebanon together.

Lebanon needs the continuing assistance of the international community if it is to develop greater political stability. We will continue to do everything we can to support Lebanon, particularly in dealing with the many Syrian refugees.

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