Foreign Minister Steinmeier phones new Tunisian Prime Minister Jomaâ

31.01.2014 - Press release

After speaking on the phone to Mehdi Jomaâ, Tunisia’s new Prime Minister, Foreign Minister Steinmeier issued the following statement:

I congratulate Tunisia’s new Prime Minister, Mehdi Jomaâ.

He and his new government bear a great responsibility for taking forward Tunisia’s ambitious reform and modernisation agenda. I wish him all success in this endeavour.

If Tunisia’s political leaders continue to be guided by the spirit of give‑and‑take and responsibility towards the nation, I have every confidence in a bright future for the country.

We will stand by our Tunisian partners at this important time in the run‑up to the elections.

Foreign Minister Steinmeier spoke yesterday evening on the phone to Prime Minister Jomaâ.

The new Tunisian government was sworn in a few days ago following the adoption of a new constitution at the weekend. The new constitution has been hailed all over the world as a milestone for reform in Tunisia.

The task of the new government now is to take the agreed transition plan forward and organise parliamentary and presidential elections.

Tunisia’s so‑called Jasmine Revolution in 2010/2011 sparked a wave of movements for change across the Arab world.

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