Foreign Minister Westerwelle on the UN resolution “The Right to Privacy in the Digital Age”

01.11.2013 - Press release

Today, Germany and Brazil introduced a joint draft resolution to the United Nations in New York on the effective protection of privacy in the digital age.

In this connection, Federal Foreign Minister Westerwelle issued the following statement in Berlin today (1 November):

Today, digital communication is a global concern, and that is why privacy protection must also be established on a global scale. Together with our Brazilian partners we have introduced this initiative in order to build an international alliance for the protection of privacy in the modern age.

The aim of the German-Brazilian resolution initiative “The Right to Privacy in the Digital Age” is to protect human rights in the digital age more effectively on a global scale. To this end the initiative builds on the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the so-called UN Civil Rights Covenant. In view of the huge technological advances that have been made, implementation of the right to privacy guaranteed in Article 17 of the UN Civil Rights Covenant should also be enforced with regard to digital communications. The aim is for the United Nations General Assembly to adopt the resolution and thereby help ensure adequate protection of human rights in accordance with the demands of today’s digitised world.

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