Foreign Minister Westerwelle calls for good turnout at local elections in Kosovo

01.11.2013 - Press release

Ahead of Kosovo's local elections on Sunday, 3 November, Federal Foreign Minister Westerwelle today issued the following statement:

I very much welcome the fact that local elections in Kosovo are also taking place in the north of the country for the very first time. It is a further important step for Kosovo’s political development.

I call on all the citizens of Kosovo to participate in this important election. By voting, all citizens can ensure that their voice and concerns are being heard in Kosovo.

All those in positions of political responsibility should work for a free and fair electoral process. The elections are an important yardstick for measuring the development of democracy in Kosovo.

Kosovo’s prospects, along with those of its neighbours in the Western Balkans, lie in the EU. Successful elections hold great weight for the further progress on the path to developing closer ties with the EU.

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