Federal Foreign Minister Westerwelle: UN inspectors are sending a clear message; now we must lose no time and start implementing the plans to destroy the chemical weapons

16.09.2013 - Press release

UN Secretary‑General Ban Ki‑moon has just presented the report by the United Nations chemical weapons inspectors in New York. The report states that there is considerable evidence to prove that chemical weapons of mass destruction were used on 21 August.

Commenting on this, Federal Foreign Minister Westerwelle issued the following statement during an event in Euskirchen today (16 September):

The UN inspectors are sending a clear message. We now have proof that on 21 August deadly chemical weapons were used in Syria. This constitutes a crime against civilisation and the breach of a taboo, the terrible dimensions of which have consequences extending far beyond Syria and the surrounding region.

The international community is called upon to act with more unity than ever before and to make absolutely clear that the use of chemical agents to kill people must not be allowed to happen again! The responsible parties must therefore be held accountable. In our view the Security Council should involve the International Criminal Court.

The report by the UN inspectors gives even greater urgency to the US‑Russian plan to eliminate Syria’s chemical weapons.

We must now lose no time and start to implement the ambitious plan to destroy Syria’s chemical weapons stockpiles immediately.

Germany is prepared to use its considerable of expertise to actively support the process of destroying the chemical weapons by offering help and advice.
At the same time, we must maintain the pressure on the Assad regime so that Syria really does cooperate fully until the chemical weapons have been completely destroyed. An unambiguous Security Council resolution will provide the right basis for this.

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