Foreign Minister Westerwelle on the Festival of the Breaking of the Fast (Eid‑ul‑Fitr) at the end of Ramadan

08.08.2013 - Press release

“I would like to send all Muslims, together with their families and friends, my best wishes for the end of this year’s Ramadan.

The festival concluding your holy month is one of joy, fellowship and caring for others.

The time of Ramadan is a time for conversations and encounters. This is a good custom and I hope that it can be continued well beyond the period of Ramadan. We need ongoing and lasting interaction characterized by mutual acceptance.

This year, too, many Muslims are sadly unable to celebrate this festival in peace. In the past months violent clashes have once again claimed numerous lives and driven many people out of their homes. Our hearts go out to them, especially to those who grieve for family and friends.

In these times of tension it is particularly important that we maintain dialogue and continue to cultivate successful cooperation. This is the only way that, together, we can peacefully shape interaction between people of different religions and backgrounds – here in Germany and throughout the world.

I wish you a blessed Eid-ul-Fitr!”

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