Westerwelle condemns murder of human rights activist in Libya

28.07.2013 - Press release

Federal Foreign Minister Westerwelle issued the following statement today (28 July) on the recent developments in Libya:

“I strongly condemn the murder of lawyer and human rights activist Abdelsalam al‑Mismari in Benghazi. Violence must never be used in any form to achieve political ends. A thorough investigation must be held into the attack.

At the same time I am very concerned that violent clashes erupted during peaceful demonstrations of solidarity for the victim and his relatives. All forces in Libya are called upon to work peacefully to rebuild the state and the economy, political differences notwithstanding.”

Background information:

The Libyan lawyer and political activist Abdelsalam al‑Mismari was assassinated in Benghazi on 26 July 2013 after Friday prayers by an as yet unknown killer or killers.

During largely peaceful demonstrations in various cities across Libya on 27 July 2013, buildings linked to the Muslim Brotherhood and their political arm, the Justice and Construction Party, were attacked.

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