Human Rights Commissioner welcomes marriage equality bill in England and Wales

17.07.2013 - Press release

After the British House of Commons voted in favour of a draft law on the legalization of same‑sex marriages in England and Wales, Markus Löning, Federal Government Commissioner for Human Rights Policy, issued the following statement today (17 July):

“I am delighted that the British Parliament has voted in favour of the bill which will allow same‑sex couples in England and Wales to get married. I hope that similar legislation will soon be introduced in Scotland and Northern Ireland, too, making same‑sex marriages possible all across Britain.

The new legislation in England and Wales is an encouraging signal for equality and against discrimination. In the 21st century, it must no longer make any difference whether a person is gay, lesbian or heterosexual. We all have the same rights and freedoms, regardless of our sexual orientation. Our society is as colourful as the rainbow, and I think that’s a good thing.

This is why I feel the British bill should spur on German policymakers and German society. Now that taxation rules applying to married couples in Germany have recently been extended to same‑sex partnerships, we should in turn take the final steps to give all couples entirely equal status. German legislation should therefore be amended to include the same rights to adoption and marriage for everyone to reflect the reality of today’s society.”

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