Foreign Minister Westerwelle on the elections in Iran: the new President has a great responsibility

16.06.2013 - Press release

Foreign Minister Westerwelle issued the following statement today on Hassan Rohani’s election in the first round of the presidential election in Iran:

The electorate in Iran voted very clearly for Hassan Rohani on 14 June.

Hassan Rohani thus has a clear mandate and a great responsibility both towards the people of Iran who have placed their trust in him and towards the world.

I hope that he will shoulder this responsibility in a spirit of calm and hope, as he promised in his election campaign.

We will be watching closely whether changes in Iran following this election open up new opportunities both within the country and in its external relations.

The Federal Government expects the Iranian leadership and the new President to do their utmost to ensure without further delay a substantive, diplomatic solution to the nuclear conflict.

It is just as important and necessary that Iran meet its obligations concerning protection for human rights and that it try to play a constructive role in the region.

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