Human Rights Commissioner in China for 11th German-Chinese Human Rights Dialogue

13.05.2013 - Press release

Federal Government Human Rights Commissioner Markus Löning leaves Peking today (13 May) for Yinchuan in Ningxia Province, where he will attend the eleventh German-Chinese Human Rights Dialogue on 14 and 15 May. Ningxia Province is home to a number of minorities such as the Muslim Hui.

Among the issues on the agenda are the situation of minorities, the living and working conditions of migrant workers, the rule of law and the way in which economic crisis impacts on human rights protection. Visits to a remand prison, a mosque and a school for minority children as well as a meeting with migrant workers are planned. This is the fourth time that Markus Löning has led the German delegation at the Human Rights Dialogue.

In addition to his programme in Yinchuan, he has held talks in Peking and Canton with government officials, civil society and NGO representatives, human rights defenders and the business community.

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