Funeral ceremony in London: Westerwelle pays tribute to Thatcher’s life’s work

17.04.2013 - Press release

Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle issued the following statement in London today (17 April) on the occasion of the funeral ceremony of the former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher:

“Margaret Thatcher wrote history for her country, for Europe and for the world. Even during her lifetime, her life’s work had made its way into the history books.
The name Margaret Thatcher is a byword for the unshakeable power of freedom. In difficult times, her iron political will changed her country forever. She was always ready to fight for her ideals and principles but she remained a convinced and convincing democrat.
Margaret Thatcher’s strength of purpose and her belief in the power of the individual laid the groundwork for Britain’s comeback in Europe and the world.
Under her leadership, Britain always stood firmly and resolutely on the side of freedom: in the last decade of the Cold War, it stood firmly at the side of its partners, as it did with the historic steps moving towards European unification with the creation of our European single market.”

Foreign Minister Westerwelle is representing Germany at today’s funeral ceremony in London.

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