Federal Government pledges 16 million euros at Darfur Conference

08.04.2013 - Press release

The Darfur Conference in Doha is to lay the groundwork for the reconstruction and stabilization of the crisis-ridden Sudanese region. Germany has pledged a total of 16 million euros for development projects.

At the international Darfur Conference in Doha, Qatar, the Federal Government pledged a total of 16 million euros for development projects in Darfur. The scope and details of the projects focusing on water management, sanitation and food security will be defined in cooperation with the Darfur Regional Authority.

The Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation Dirk Niebel stated in this context:

After decades of civil war in Darfur, the peace agreement between the Khartoum Government and the rebel organizations now opens up the prospect of peace. It is first and foremost up to the Sudanese Government to rebuild Darfur. Development cooperation with the Sudan was put on ice back in 1989 on account of the human rights situation. Nevertheless we have kept supporting the people in Darfur with targeted humanitarian aid in the past. With this new pledge, we are acknowledging initial progress in the peace process, building on our humanitarian engagement.

Federal Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle welcomed current developments all over the Sudan and added:

Reconstruction is instrumental for the peaceful future of Darfur and all of the Sudan. Germany is committed to the peace process between the Sudan and South Sudan on the basis of the 2010 Sudan roadmap which aims at reconciliation and good-neighbourly relations between the two countries. We welcome the signing of the Doha Peace Agreement by yet another rebel group, the release of political prisoners in the Sudan and the resumption of oil production yesterday by South Sudan. These are important steps in the right direction.

The Darfur Conference which took place on 7 and 8 April in Doha is to launch the reconstruction of Darfur and the stabilization of the region. The envisaged projects will be carried out by the state-run German implementing organizations KfW and GIZ in cooperation with the Darfur Regional Authority. Cooperation with the Khartoum central government remains suspended.

Joint press release by the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development and the Federal Foreign Office

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