North Korean Ambassador summoned to Foreign Office

05.04.2013 - Press release

The following statement has been issued by a spokesperson for the Federal Foreign Office:

At Foreign Minister Westerwelle’s request, North Korea’s Ambassador to Germany was summoned to the Federal Foreign Office this morning (5 April). A spokesperson for the Foreign Minister relayed in no uncertain terms the very great concern felt by the German Government in view of the escalating tensions North Korea had caused on the Korean Peninsula. The Ambassador was told that the German Government found the tone and the substance of North Korea’s latest inflammatory steps absolutely unacceptable.

Foreign Minister Westerwelle is seeking to liaise very closely with our international and European partners on the matter of North Korea. The subject will be on the agenda, for example, when the G8 foreign ministers meet in London on Wednesday and Thursday next week. The aim is to issue a decisive and united response to North Korea’s irresponsible series of threats, in concert with key partners in the international community.

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