Telephone call between Foreign Minister Westerwelle and Foreign Minister of South Korea

03.04.2013 - Press release

The following statement has been issued by a spokesperson for the Federal Foreign Office:

Foreign Minister Westerwelle spoke on the phone to South Korea’s Foreign Minister Yun today. Their conversation centred around the tense situation on the Korean Peninsula.
Foreign Minister Westerwelle reaffirmed Germany’s solidarity with South Korea in view of the continuing threats emanating from North Korea.
He described as unacceptable both North Korea’s inflammatory rhetoric and the latest moves which have escalated tensions, such as announcing that the Yongbyon reactor is to be restarted and shutting off the Kaesong industrial zone.
Foreign Minister Westerwelle commended the balanced and responsible manner in which South Korea has been responding. He emphasized the primary importance of remaining level‑headed in this difficult situation in order to enable the deescalation of tensions.

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