Foreign Minister Westerwelle on the results of the elections in Kenya

09.03.2013 - Press release

Speaking today (9 March) in Berlin, Federal Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle issued the following statement:

I offer my congratulations to the Kenyan people, who with great dignity and patience have made use of their democratic rights, and all those who have been elected to positions of responsibility by the people of Kenya.
Together you now face the considerable challenge of uniting the country, overcoming political divides and maintaining the successful growth trend of the past years. It is crucial, not only for the Kenyan people, but also for the entire region and the whole of Africa, that the most important economy in eastern and central Africa can look forward to a bright future.
I appeal to all Kenyan players to respond to the announcement of the election results calmly and peacefully and to direct any complaints through the appropriate legal channels. All allegations of irregularities must be investigated quickly and diligently in accordance with the rules in place for such cases.
We expect Kenya to fulfil its international obligations reliably as it has done to date. This expressly includes cooperation with the International Criminal Court.

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